The great spacefaring nations of Earth have spent the The Last Hundred Years conquering Mother Nature, each other and the Inner Plantes, but space is a big place — and the Ether has not surrendered all her secrets.

Travel through the Solar System has advanced tremendously since Thomas Edison first landed on Mars. Technology rocketed forward during the dark days of the virulent Euro Planetary Wars that burned through the chaotic decade of the 1910’s. Charles Babbage miniaturized the Difference Engine. Tesla’s amazing Coil and related technologies now manipulate the very fabric of the Ether (enabling everything from hand held stunners to the great Solar Clippers that trade between the Planets). Frederick Fronkenshteen‘s medical research has conquered many of man’s physical ills, but in recent years the German Nazi Party and the Roman Catholic church compete for his very soul.

Today, Earth’s spacefaring nations continue to vie for new territories, and new trading partners. In Britain, Queen Victoria II wears the English crown and rules the British Solar Empire in the traditions of her Grandmother. It’s power and influence is far reaching, some say to the very stars themselves. In reality however, few explorers have found a way to travel beyond the Asteroidal Barrier, though some are rumored to have found great riches there (or returned as madmen) telling wild tales of the remnants of an incomprehensible ancient alien civilization evident in the spinning debris of a disintegrated planet.

Space: 1939