Light hand-held energy weapon

weapon (ranged)

The Stinger is an energy pistol capable of stunning or incapacitating most humans and human-sized creatures. A bolt of etheric-plasmoid energy is generated by a pair of miniaturized reflex t-coils, set behind the focusing rings that direct it down the barrel of the weapon to the target.


A hit from a Stinger is not usually lethal, unless the target is already near death or repeatedly shot point blank in the base of the brain. Most Stingers are powered by a thoric crystal battery mounted in the handle. Battery strength and quality will effect the number of charges available (rounds fired) in the weapon, with the t-coil efficiency determining damage inflicted by each round fired, and the quality of the focus rings effecting accuracy.

There are literally hundreds of Stinger models available on the open market with a wide range of effectiveness and power.


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